If you’re part of Sporting 87 FC, you’ll know that we share a passion for football, both on and off the pitch. We’re ambitious and we’ve grown a lot since 1987, the year we were founded.


Whilst our values and vision hasn’t changed, 30 years on, we believe that now is the time to refresh our look, to both update our brand and better reflect the Club that we now are. We’ve dug deeply in order to better understand the things that we do and the value we bring. We’ve conducted a thorough review which has resulted in a re-branding programme, designed to support growth and provide clarity around what we offer.

This has been produced with you in mind because you are such a big part of Sporting 87 FC and we wanted you to understand and feel part of this transformation. You’ve already seen that our badge has changed, but our Christian ethos, ambition, conduct and the heart behind the Club is very much intact. We hope that our new brand provides a strong foundation for growth and sustainability and you’ll start to see changes around the Club over the coming months. Our plan is to apply the new S87 FC brand in stages, to refresh our digital communications, like the website, then move to printed material, signage and phase in a new kit from 2020/21. We’re really excited about this new chapter and our hope is that our new look attracts new people as well as retain our valued members.

If you’re part of the S87 FC family, I’d like to personally thank you for your continued commitment and support of the Club. Here’s to the next chapter.


Dave Courteen, S87 FC Chairman